In 1978, Giacomo Ronzoni founded the company Minoronzoni srl in Bergamo, specializing in the production of leather accessories. Around the same time, the casual fashion style hit Europe, creating a phenomenon that went from apparel through to lifestyle: jeans became much more popular and consumerism gave life to a new trend. While Minoronzoni began its first collaborations with the fashion world to produce belts and small leather goods, Giacomo Ronzoni did not miss the opportunity offered by the changes in popular culture: a brilliant intuition, which contributed to the company's development - combined with a passion for fashion and accessories - turning Minoronzoni SRL into a leader in its field. Tradition, attention to detail and the pursuit of quality materials are the hallmarks of the products Minoronzoni offers to its customers combined with an exclusive style and a completely Italian design. Today Minoronzoni srl is a creative company constantly growing, with around 300 employees, an extensive agent and consultant network, holding right and production of four brands: TOSCA BLU, TOSCA BLU STUDIO, #BLUTOSCABLU and MINORONZONI 1953.
Offering the customer high quality products with the best service: this is the philosophy that has always guided the way the company works. Noteworthy is the success enjoyed over 40 years in the belt sector, a context where Minoronzoni has come to be appreciated, becoming production partner for significant brands in the luxury and fashion sectors.
Belts are the company's core business from its start, 300,000 belts being produced each month, with creative development in partnership with its clients, Minoronzoni's collections are realized and produced at the highest standards of the quality with the authentic know-how of Made in Italy products.

In 1998, Giacomo Ronzoni's desire to create a line of accessories took shape with the appearance of the brand Tosca Blu, named after its newborn and eldest daughter Virginia Tosca Blu. Only a few years after its launch, Tosca Blu had positioned itself as one of the main players in the market - thanks to its the youthful, cool nature and its good value for money combined with craftsmanship. Each season the TOSCA BLU collections offer a wide range of modern, functional designs, creatively interpreting trends, with particular attention to the refinement of hides and artisanal care.

The brand new bags collection #BluToscaBlu arrives in Spring 2017: a special project with a hint of irony to complete the Tosca Blu selection . What better way to reach young people if not through the world of social networking? For this reason the hashtag has been chosen and the # symbol for the name of the line, a concept that immediately conjures up the dynamic interaction and socializing of this significant and ever more important public, ranging from teenager to business woman.

Ten years after winning the bet with Tosca Blu, the excellent market position gained by the company encouraged it to begin a new challenge: a footwear brand dedicated to the same target as Tosca Blu, the young, dynamic woman looking for quality and glamour at the right price. Minoronzoni acquired a shoe manufacturing company based in Verona, which became the new general headquarters for the Shoes project, where the creative and commercial efforts of the new brand are concentrated. The Tosca Blu Studio collection follows fashion, with clean lines, a balance between simplicity and elegance realised in collections with strong, up to the minute style, where shoes become indispensible complements to accompany the feminine way of life.


TOSCA BLU and TOSCA BLU SHOES have a complete, global presence. From the first Tosca Btu boutique opened in Bergamo in 1998, the retail offering has expanded to offer a diversified world of retail which is continually expanding, concentrated on the most prestigious, well-positioned, commercially strategic locations. The retail strategy focuses on diversification, thanks to the 4 travel shops opened directly in the main Italian airports, where the company presents the brand's spirit to its customers. In addition, Tosca Blu is present with strategic shop-in-shops in selected department stores. The refined, minimal concept is repeated in all the sales points: a mood that well represents the brand's spirit with an essential, clean design, combining elegant white and steel.