Backpacks & Bum Bags

Backpacks & Bum Bags

Travel in style with Tosca Blu backpacks: perfect organisation packed in your fashion accessory!

Women's backpacks and rucksacks

Don't be caught unprepared by an invitation for an outing or a walk in the park: with Tosca Blu backpacks and rucksacks you can organise your free time in just a few steps. You only need to have one of these models with you to have a glamorous accessory and not renounce practicality at any time.

Elegant women's backpacks

Tosca Blu's collection of elegant women's backpacks lend themselves to being worn on any occasion. Women's leather backpacks with several compartments where you can safely store any object and take everything with you. We go from the most essential models in neutral colours to the more whimsical, iconic ones, embellished with metallic details and gold chains to stunning effect. There are so many colours that one is spoilt for choice: black women's backpacks, white backpacks, red women's backpacks, silver backpacks, gold backpacks, pastel backpacks... all chic and stylish!

Women's leather backpacks

Tosca Blu backpacks are made of leather, which is soft to the touch and destined to last. Don't be afraid to use your backpack and put it wherever you want: feel free to enjoy every moment.

How to wear your Tosca Blu backpack and rucksack

Tosca Blu backpacks and rucksacks are accessories of exceptional workmanship, the result of research into the best fashion trends. Wear them over a casual look and choose the shade that best represents your style. Complete your outfit with a pair of ankle boots for a walk in the city, or choose white or patterned trainers for a trip to the countryside or a day at the beach. The backpacks will look great with any footwear: sporty yet sophisticated, you can take them wherever you want and they never look out of place. Colour your days and experience Tosca Blu energy!