Loafers & Lace-up Shoes

Loafers & Lace-up Shoes

Classic with timeless appeal, Tosca Blu's collection of loafers and lace-up shoes are romantically inspired footwear with a contemporary twist.

Women's moccasins and lace-up shoes

Unsurpassed for a business-style but still feminine look, the moccasin and lace-up shoes are the impeccable choice for essential and original styles. Tosca Blu women's moccasins are exceptional in every season: with their harmonious volumes and sophisticated details, they give you grit and enhance your grittier spirit. For a super-cool alternative, choose lace-up shoes, French-inspired and very elegant shoes.

Women's leather moccasins

The new collection is exuberant, fresh and effervescent: Tosca Blu's summer moccasins are colourful, cheerful and will give the magic touch to any outfit. Laminated leather moccasins in yellow, fuchsia or green that are romantic and bold and will make you fall in love immediately. The timeless white leather moccasin, chic and bon ton, could not be missing. For rock souls, here are the moccasins with a studded or spotted tank sole.

Loafers with heels

Classic and romantic, Tosca Blu moccasins reach the height of bon ton in their low-heel version. Models suitable for all women, comfortable, giving everyone the elegance that makes them feel confident on any occasion.

How to match your Tosca Blu loafers

Discover the Tosca Blu moccasin collection and bring out your personality by opting for colourful models, minimal or fuller lines, in patterned or plain colours. Wear your loafer with a leather backpack for a work engagement or with a shoulder bag for a casual but tasteful outfit. With a pair of jeans or classic trousers, the Tosca Blu loafer is always an excellent choice.