Tote Bags

Tote Bags

Watchword: practicality! Declined in the whole colour palette, the Tosca Blu shopping bag will be your irresistible passe-partout accessory.

Shopping bag

Shopping bag, tote bag, maxi bag: endless ways to call her, the must-have accessory in every woman's wardrobe. Tosca Blu proposes them in all their iconicity, with a catalogue offering a great choice of models: maxi bags in leather or fabric in different shades and sizes.

Maxi bag for every occasion

Having a maxi bag in one's wardrobe means possessing the indispensable and fashionable accessory for the most diverse occasions. In no time at all, you can fill it with whatever you want without fear of it getting ruined: the high-quality materials ensure that your items are protected and the bag is durable.

Designer Tote Bags

Tosca Blu is a signature that ensures excellence, design and research. Shopping bags are incomparable for an aperitif with friends, a relaxing afternoon in the park, a romantic stroll. Tosca Blu tote bags are made of leather or fabric. Some models also boast a convenient removable shoulder strap that turns it into a large shoulder bag in a flash.

Black and coloured shopping bags

As with all Tosca Blu shopper bags, you have a wide variety of colours to choose from. Delicate and timeless nuances alternate with sharp combinations and trendy colours. In addition to pastel shades, you can also choose patterned shopping bags or bags with a prominent logo. In addition to classic finishes, we have added special weaves... let the maxi bags amaze you!

How to wear your Tosca Blu shopping bag

Tosca Blu shopping bags are beautiful outside and inside: super capacious, you can select the bag model with one or more pockets inside, an external zip or a removable shoulder strap. Ideal with a sports shoe for a practical and comfortable look, maxi bags will look great with any Tosca Blu footwear. Boots, ankle boots, loafers, dress shoes... choose the style you want and have fun combining materials and colours.

The passe-partout for your day out: buy your favourite shopping bag or tote bag on the Tosca Blu online shop and contact customer service for any information.